Melita 10oz Silver Bullion Now Available


Malta .... a microcosm of culture, history and business, seasoned with a cosmopolitan Mediterranean lifestyle .... and a millennial European tradition, now firmly sealed in its membership of the European Union.

Coins .... a medium of exchange that blends together money, the entrepreneurial spirit of the people and the character of its nation, resulting in history being written in metals and commemorating significant events.

MaltaCoins .... your gateway to Malta and its coin and precious metal issues!

The MaltaCoins website is the initiative of Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c., a credit institution based in Malta, licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority and quoted on the Malta Stock Exchange. Since its foundation, Lombard Bank has grown to become a highly respected and reputable institution with a marked focus on corporate and private banking services.

With MaltaCoins, Lombard Bank continues to build on its boutique role and brings the wealth of Maltese coin and precious metal issues to collectors, financiers, institutions .... to anybody wishing to know more about the magnificence of Maltese coinage, with its tradition that goes back to pre-Roman times.

Secure online purchasing is available through product links with our subsidiary’s website.

So welcome to MaltaCoins, enjoy our showcase and please do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our links ....